About Us

About Us

Geodata Evaluation and Drilling Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2017 as an indigenous privately owned company based in Port Harcourt. The company was founded by a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of relevant industries experience with a consortium of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to excellence innovation and the adoption of systematic approach to render satisfactory services that will meet and exceed our clients expectation in all our business areas. The company main aim is to render high quality services to Oil, Gas and allied industries, Private individuals, Governmental and non Governmental organizations in Water Borehole drilling (Water treatment plant, Water Reticulation, Installation of water storage facilities), Environmental management (Sewage treatment, Industrial effluent treatment, Waste Recycle, Environmental cleanup, Land Reclaimation), Geotechnical Services (Soil Test, Pilling, Sand Search for Dreadging), Oil/Gas Drilling Evaluation and General services.

Geodata Evaluation and Drilling Nigeria Limited provides excellent services in geophysical underground water investigation and Geophysical surveys.

Geodata Evaluation and Drilling Nigeria Limited is a foremost name in Drilling and Evaluation services where data are acquired, analysed and evaluated for improve decision making in drilling of Gas and Oil Wells in the following areas: Wellsite Geology consultancy and Mudlogging services.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding group of companies that provide excellent and specialized services in the business area of Data acquisition and interpretation for good decision making to support construction of standard, excellent quality and durable projects

Our Mission

Creating outstanding wealth to reach out and support the hopeless - To discover purpose, financial inteligence and expanding the Kingdom

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