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Water Borehole drilling

Geodata Evaluation and Drilling Limited is involved in drilling functional boreholes to our clients. In any water project; private and deep community borehole, geophysical VES Survey and hydrogeological investigation for fresh water with Terrameter will be used to determine the presence of fresh underground water and actual depth from the ground surface for proper planning and costing to be done toward the successful completion of the borehole. Functional Wash boring, Percussion and motorized Rotary drilling Rigs as the case may be, will be engaged in drilling. We also provide Water treatment plant, Water Reticulation and Installation of water storage facilities.

Borehole Rehabilitation

When any existing borehole stop functioning, we are on ground to find out the problem and provide solution to our clients. We have acquired Water tankers, Compressors to airlift and complete servicing of water borehole.

Borehole Accessories

We also stock our warehouse with different size of submersible pumps, casing and screen PVC and Steel), wellhead, sump pipe etc. to be sold to our esteem customers.

Soil Investigation - soil test

Do you need solution to the problem of fail or collapse building, roadway, swimming pool or any structure?

Then let us handle your geotechnical soil testing for your current and upcoming projects. We are geotechnical company that specializes in Pilling, Sand Search for dredging and investigative soil testing of ground conditions for all type of construction. The process of determining the layers of natural soil and rock deposits that will underlie a proposed structure and their physical properties for good construction decision making is referred to as soil investigation.

Sand Search for Dredging

We are also involved in Sand search for dredging: Sand Search is the process of investigating and exploring water bodies with the aim of locating areas with sand deposits in commercial quantity to be exploited by dredging for reclamation of marshy terrain or stockpiling for sale to construction companies.

Geophysical Services

GEODATA EVALUATION & DRILLING LIMITED Geophysical section routinely apply state of the art geophysical instrumentation to identification of subsurface features associated with man-made and natural phenomena with subsurface information to support underground water, Geotechnical investigation for construction purpose, mining , oil and gas industries. .

Importance of Geophysical Investigation

Geophysical methods is cost effective in solving a vast variety of problems. These investigations are carried out quickly. This means large area can be investigated in a reasonable short period and hence time is saved. The geophysical instruments used in the field are simple, portable and can be operated easily. This means fieldwork is not laborious. Since the work is carried out quickly and only physical observations are made.

Applications of Geophysical Investigations

  • Locating and estimating economically important mineral deposits.
  • Investigations aimed at locating and assessing groundwater potential
  • Investigations aimed at solving problems connected with geology.
  • Geotechnical Soil investigation for construction purposes.
  • Environmental Services

    We provide technology and maintenance services for waste management: Sewage treatment, industrial effluent treatment, waste recycling and environmental cleanup.

    Sewage treatment & Industrial effluent treatment

    Whether you’re at Land Oil drilling Rig campsite or Swamp Rig campsite. You are starting an eco-friendly campsite in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing like sorting out your septic system. Affordable, clean and eco-friendly, sewage treatment plants may also be your only option if you plan to discharge your wastewater into a stream or ditch according to new environmental laws.

    Advantage of Sewage Treatment Plants

    Affordable, clean and sewage treated to higher standard so that it has minimal negative impact on the environment.

    Water Treatment services

    We also undertake Water treatment services for clean water requirements in household and industrial water systems. Our treatment plant includes basic series of backwash filters that can quickly and effectively treat all of the water that comes into your home to premium ultra-filtration membrane with filtration precision of 0.01mocron fit for commercial or industrial water requirement.

    Why water treatment is so important?

    Water is found almost everywhere on Earth. Water resources like underground water, rivers, lakes, which provide water contain a lot of pollution and contamination unfit for consumption. To be clean, the water should undergo a number of treatments necessary to make it drinkable. Water treatment and purifiers are designed to eliminate or reduce certain pollutants (nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic materials etc.), as well as improve the quality taste of water.

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