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Well log interpretation

If you are on career change to Wellsite geology, Mudlogging and Drilling supervision, you need to know the preliminary well log results of wireline log operation. Download and read the following file.

Function of drilling mud (fluid)

Some of the basic functions of a drilling fluid (mud) are as follows:

  • Cleans the hole by transporting drilled cuttings to the surface, where they can be mechanically removed from the fluid before it is recirculated down hole.
  • Balances or overcomes formation pressures in the wellbore to minimize the risk of well-control issues
  • Supports and stabilizes the walls of the wellbore until casing can be set and cemented or openhole-completion equipment can be installed.
  • Prevents or minimizes damage to the producing formation(s).
  • Cools and lubricates the drillstring and bit
  • Transmits hydraulic horsepower to the bit.
  • Allows information about the producing formation(s) to be retrieved through cuttings analysis, logging-while-drilling data, and wireline logs

Hydraulics for drilling fluid optimization

You can request for a simple but effective wellbore hydraulic software for free

Hydraulic software

To monitor and predicts the hydraulics and rheological behavior of synthetic oil and water-based drilling fluids helping to guide decision making.

You can request for a simple but effective wellbore hydraulic software for free. contact us at

Download free boring log for Engineering Geologist and Geotechnical Engineers