The aim of supervising borehole drilling is to ensure that boreholes are constructed according designed and all the data collected
Some problems in rotary drilling are minor and others are serious and can result in failure to complete a hole
There are several ways of analyzing pumping test data, (The table below show the commonly used methods for pumping-test data
Pumping tests or aquifer performance tests is a field experiment in which a well is pumped at a controlled rate
After Drill-Rig Setup, connect the discharge piping. Depending on the type of drilling operation, connect either the air compressor or
To achieve a good well design, a drilling log should be completed, a drilling log during the actual drilling process,
ground water pollution
Ground water is a resource found under the earth’s surface. Most ground water comes from rain and melting snow soaking
Drilling mud, also called drilling fluid is use for water borehole drilling. Drilling mud is pumped down the hollow drill
A lack of accurate pore-pressure prediction and wellbore stability analysis can result in unscheduled drilling events, such as blowouts, kicks,
Consultant wellsite geologists, in the oil and gas industry, provide contract services to clients by bringing skill and experience in